Knightspeed’s Roots: How We Started Our Orlando Moving Company

When you think of an Orlando moving company, who do you picture? You might do a quick search, look at the reviews, and give someone a shot. The real testament, though, is customer service.

Julian Correa, Founder and CEO of KnightSpeed Moving, saw a demand, or rather a necessity, and wanted to change people’s perception of moving companies.

Where It All Started

Julian launched his business while studying finance at the University of Central Florida, the second-largest school in the U.S. He took full advantage of the UCF Blackstone LaunchPad, the go-to place for entrepreneurs filled with resources from business planning to strategy to marketing, and everything in between.

After competing in the UCF Joust New Venture Competition, Julian says the business plan made everything real for his Orlando moving company, and the rest is history.

“It’s uncomfortable at first, no doubt. But if you persist, if you’re good, and if you’re genuine, it picks up. It works.”

He saw an increase in the number of students moving in on-campus and a decrease in the amount of help to move those students in. The values that UCF instilled in Julian are something that he carried with him into his business.

Sharing the Knowledge

Julian and his team recorded much of their journey in the KnightSpeed Vlog, “The Movement.” Whether a friend visited Miami on a business trip or the KnightSpeed team was on their way to speak at Keller Williams East Boca, they captured their adventures on camera.

“As entrepreneurs, sometimes we put unnecessary pressures on ourselves that we need to get it done now, and I need to be the next big thing tomorrow,” Julian said. “Once you can get yourself in the mindset of it’s gonna take time, anything good is going to take time to build, that’s when I think you’re really fulfilled and you start enjoying the path that you’re in.”

Julian documents the process and shares what he learns. He’s led branding talks and marketing webinars for entrepreneurs and college students at places like Orlando Tech and Beer and the Florida Small Business Development Center. He also interviews people on The Movers Show where he shares stories, traits, and behaviors of real business owners.

“It puts on the pressure of wow, I’ve got to make some interesting content,” he said. “I don’t want to be sitting in my room, doing industry research or doing something else. It forces you to get out there and get into the community and start doing interesting things.”

Videos might sometimes show us the highlight reel, but behind the scenes, these are in-depth projects. Julian shares that people don’t just show up in a perfect state; they work hard to get to where they are.

“I never considered myself to be that interesting,” Julian said. “I just said I’m going to start putting myself out there and see what it is all these people are doing.”

Lessons Learned Building an Orlando Moving Company

Julian also shares that one of the most important things to do as a business owner or an entrepreneur is to make decisions. He says he and a friend can grab coffee and talk for 3 hours about something they want to do. They’ll spend more time talking than doing, and that’s when it’s time to make a decision rather than wait for perfection.

“It’s better to make a decision, and even if you’re not right, just make the most educated decision that you can,” he said. “Run with it, trip, fall, get up, and continue going.”

Julian’s learned that we can start with small decisions, experiment, learn as we go, and keep aspects of our life in motion. He practices what he preaches with his team at KnightSpeed Moving, keeping their word and doing right by the customer.

“I’m not here to maximize the amount of money that we can make from this business,” he said. “I’m here to make some serious impact in the moving industry.”

Changing the Moving Industry

Julian’s favorite part of the job is watching his team grow into their careers and leaving with some hard-earned work ethic and experience.

“That’s one of the things that we’ve done from the very beginning, is change that perception of movers that people have,” Julian said.

He asks people to consider, “What is your strength, and what are you gonna do with it?”

For KnightSpeed Moving, it’s all about keeping our word. In a crowded space, our attention to customers makes us stand out. If you’re ready to get started with your move with people who are passionate about what they do, we’re here for you! Contact us today.